Making progress…

In progress...

Well it was a hectic week last week, but with a lot of help, things are moving along. I’ll be posting images soon of our apartment in progress, but we think it’s looking great. I had my first day of work today. It was a typical first day. A few people who were to help acclimate me to my new surroundings were out sick so it was kind of a random day, but I was able to get involved on a project and stay busy. Everyone is really nice and helpful, and thankfully most everyone speaks English.

On Sunday we waited around for 5 hours for the cable guy to show up. We had been given a window of 7:30 to 12:30…and he showed up at 12:15. But now we’re up and running and able to watch TV and go online. Hurray! Connected to the world again! (even if some of it is in French).

More to come…check back soon.

The image posted above was taken mid-week last week…still lots of boxes and rubbish about as we literally built our apartment. Thank you IKEA!



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2 responses to “Making progress…

  1. rick

    It looks good so far. Had a cook out yesterday. It was warm and breezy. Talk to you later.


  2. verĂ³nica

    *steals your couch and side table*

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