Canada Grand Prix Weekend

It’s been madhouse this weekend in Montreal.  It’s the weekend of the Canada Grand Prix, the biggest event of the year in Montreal.  The picture above is of Rue Crescent, a street a few blocks from us lined with clubs and upscale restaurants.  At Grand Prix time, it turns into THAT.  And the race itself in on an entirely different island.

All week on my walks to work, I’ve seen more Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and every other imaginable variety of exotic sports car zipping down Sainte Catherine.  Drivers have been exceptionally bad this weekend.  It seems the Grand Prix turns everyone into a race car driver for 4 days.

All of the shops along Sainte Catherine have their windows decorated in either Ferrari red or checkered flags.

We avoided most of the festivities this year…I hope to get to the race itself next year, but it can be a bit expensive.


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