Venturing out…

Saturday, Jen and I decided to step away from the remainder of the organizing we have to do and have an adventure.  7 miles of walking later, an adventure was had!

We took the subway up to the Mile End neighborhood in the Plateau which is a neighborhood east of Mont Royal.  We set out on foot from there stopping at a few shops and restaurants.  We ducked into this very cool little cafe just before some torrential rains came and had an amazing lunch.  It was a spicy tofu scramble platter with roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes lots of fresh vegetables, greens salad, beans salsa and guacamole.  It was delicious.  And the place was great as well.  Each table was an old unique dining table.  Several from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, many very weathered.  The old place was fairly weathered.  There were two ornate lounge chairs in the window by a small table for relaxing with a cup of coffee.  One whole wall was lined with old reclaimed shelves packed full of random knick-nacks and collectables.  The overall look was very warm and eclectic.  The prices were nice as well!

Above is a shop in the Mile End neighborhood.

From there we continued to wander, stopping at one of the two famous bagel shops in Montreal.  Montreal often competes with NYC for the best bagels “in the world”  …I can attest that they are the best bagels I have ever had!

In addition to all of the great shops, the area is packed full of residential streets like the one shown above with beautiful architecture.  Montreal is famous for its porches, and spiraling staircases.

Once we had seen most of the area, we decided to go ahead and walk home. The weather was great and we stopped and got Dairy Queen (a little taste of home) and continued on to Parc Jeanne Mance, then down toward downtown.  On the way we stopped and wandered through the malls and then attempted to go back down Sainte Catherine, but due to the chaos was less than successful.  We meandered back and forth through alleys avoiding a good bit of the crowd and then finally made it back to our apartment.

It was great exercise and an adventure.  We love the convenience of our neighborhood but we are trying to get to as many other parts of the city as we can to see what place fits us most in case we decide to make a change in a year.  Who knows what will happen.

We decided we’re going to start carrying our camera with us on these adventures to better document, for now you’ll just have to use your imagination.


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  1. dad

    looks like fun. Very proud of you

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