Work is going great and I’ve been put in charge of creating a pitch for a project we’re trying to win. Picture a TSC (Tractor Supply) but really cool, and located in rural Alberta. I’m getting a ton of creative freedom and chance to explore a lot of ideas. I think I am making a really good impression on everyone with the skills I have to bring to the project. I’ve developed the design direction, a plethora of sketches and written a narrative for the concept.

Steve my boss decided we really need the chance to present our concept in person instead of handing it off (which can cause a lot of be lost in translation) and they secured a meeting for later this month in Calgary and Steve asked me to go with him to present!

I’m definitely excited that I’ve been given so much responsibility and I think I’m responding well to the new role I have been put in.

One of the new challenges I have found is improving my communication skills in the workplace. At work, there are many different languages spoken, or at least many people who’s native language is not French or English. Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French, and English are the majority of the languages spoken by the people I work with, and for many, English is NOT their first language. So I have to thing of more precise, and less “slangy” ways of describing a thought or idea to my coworkers so my thoughts are not literally lost in translation. Several times people have forgotten that I’m a simple Anglophone and come up to me rambling on in French…then they see the puzzled look on my face then instantly switch over to English. I cannot wait to learn French!!


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  1. elisabeth

    Glad to hear they’re appreciating you and you have so many opportunities! How’s the learning French going? Have you tried Rosetta Stone? It’s SO great and makes the learning fun. A bit expensive, but well worth the cost I’m sure.
    Anyway, I finally got onto the blog! Yah! Interesting stuff. My roommate and I were hoping to make a Montreal visit soon, but her hours at work have been cut and finances are going to hold us of for a while longer. So I’ll check back and read about it if I can’t visit for myself yet.

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