Thrifting in Montreal!

Many apologies for the delay in post. I promised Pam a couple days ago that I would start posting everyday, but have vastly failed to keep that promise! I will try harder.

On with the post! Next week, I will take photos on my way to meet Jon for lunch–I’ve been walking to his work to meet him for lunch everyday–so that you all can see more of Montreal through our eyes! Not only do I get to spend lunch with him, I also get the exercise he gets walking 1 mile to work and 1 mile back, which I definitely like (and need!). Some photos to whet your appetite, taken with my new cell phone in Montreal (email me if you want the number):

Jon’s office, located in historic Windsor Station:

Jon's office in Windsor Station

One of my favorite details of the building is the faces on the columns. This photo was taken in the archway over the entrance, which can be seen just above the first yellow cab on the left.

Face on Column at Windsor Station

Click the “more” link to read about my adventures thrifting yesterday in Montreal!

Yesterday, after eating lunch with Jon outside Windsor Station (we actually usually sit on a wall in front of St. George’s Anglican Church, which is right across from Jon’s work. Take a look:

St. George's Anglican Church

Photo: D. Stiebeling

Credits for the information on this page are given to: Religious Heritage

Below is the route I took to Jon’s work and to the thrift store. Click the image to see it enlarged.

Map of Thrifting Route 6/12

Google tells me it was a total of 5.4 kilometers.

The thrift store was amazingly huge, two floors and the size of a small warehouse. These following photos were taken on the first floor ONLY, just to give reference to the size. Furniture was upstairs. Check it out!

Thrift Store Clothing

Thrift Store Home Goods

Apologies for the poor image quality. Anyway, I found two shirts, a glass pitcher, and a purse–a purse that I’ve been seeking for quite a while but I was rather picky on what I wanted. Who knew I’d find a purse matching all my specifications at the Salvation Army??

Before I end this marathon of a blog entry, I’m going to post a photo of Zorro that I took about an hour ago…




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3 responses to “Thrifting in Montreal!

  1. Wow, I’ve lived in towns smaller than that thrift store!

  2. Pam

    Dearest Jen –
    I laughed when I read that “I promised Pam that I would write every day” – but, you have to know how much I enjoy hearing about your adventures. I am rather uncomfortable about writing over the internet – so, would you please send me your e-mail so that I can write to you and Jon. I LOVE seeing where you eat lunch with Jon – however, you forgot to mention what you have for lunch each day. And, am still waiting to see photos of your “furnished” apartment – I told Matthew and Sarah that they should look at IKEA in Cincinnati for bookshelves, etc. furniture – know that you are much loved in central Ohio – Pam

  3. fun post! i was just putting together a post about my time in Montreal!!

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