Food Adventures in Montréal

Last night, Jon and I ventured out to Plateau (a trendy district in Montréal with lots of shops and restaurants) to eat. We ate at a little Crêperie called Bistro Fruits Folie. I got crêpes with salad, and Jon got a chicken dish. The restaurant got good reviews online (I looked it up after the fact, trying to find a picture to post), and I enjoyed my crêpes and the sangria was good that Jon and I shared. However, Jon’s chicken was noticeably undercooked on one side and the other piece was overcooked on one side. It didn’t impress Jon or I, but the evening was still relaxing and enjoyable, despite the food scare. Jon sent the chicken back, even though both of us are uncomfortable with sending food back on most occasions, and they finished cooking the chicken and it was fine. Jon hasn’t gotten sick either, which is DEFINITELY a good thing. We were a bit concerned after dinner.

Today we grabbed breakfast at my favorite little croissant shop, a few blocks down on Rue St. Catherine. We then hit some of the malls in downtown Montréal. We wandered through multiple malls, many of which are connected, and poked around until we found what seemed to be Montreal’s version of T.J. Maxx/Marshall’s, a store called Winners, where we both found some good bargains on clothing. We split a dish of gelato at a little gelato shop inside the main mall in downtown Montreal, called the Eaton Centre. Tonight for dinner, I made guacamole and Jon and I made fish tacos together, and that’s an update on our eating thus far in this “eating city” of Montreal.



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2 responses to “Food Adventures in Montréal

  1. Pam

    Dear Jon and Jen –
    The crepes looked absolutely delicious – and, I can hardly wait to come to Montreal to just eat and walk – or, walk and eat. The “thrift” store was amazing – no wonder you were able to find the purse that you wanted. Enjoy Father’s Day today – and, do not forget to call your Dads – Love, Pam

  2. tommyboy

    Hey, i was wondering if you guys knew any good food critics in the city?

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