Another Saturday Adventure!

For the past week, the weather has consisted of a series of freak thunderstorms mixed with bits of sunshine. So in honor of the wonderful weather today, Jen and I set out on an afternoon adventure through town.

We took the Metro down to the Lionel Groulx stop and set out on foot down Rue Notre-Dame through an area called Antique Alley. It is supposed to be the hub of antique shopping. There were quite a few shops, but not quite what we had in mind. Most (make that all) of the shops specialized in very old and very ornate antiques. Many were stocked full of antiques from France. We stopped at one and noticed a couple time chair frames and were approached by a “wonderful” store attendant. We politely asked how old the chair frames were and she informed us they were “Verrrry old.” They were “Marrrvelous” and “from France” … needless to say we make a quick exit.

Aside from the stuffy antique shops there was a nice large Salvation Army thrift store that Jen had visited and blogged about on a previous adventure of her own.

We decided to continue on toward downtown and Old Montreal. We stopped at a quaint diner style restaurant on the edge of Old Montreal for a smoked meat sandwhich. We still hope to get to Schwartz Deli soon for their world famous smoked meat.

Old Montreal was buzzing today with tourists and Montrealer’s alike. The weather was great and the carriage rides were very busy. We wandered around here a bit and finally stopped at Marche’ Bonsecours. This market has a selection of various local artisans, and designers. Nice stuff, but not quite our speed.

We past by Notre Dame Cathedral, and there was a wedding taking place. It was interesting since the wedding was surrounded by tour busses…I can’t quite imagine having my wedding be a tourist attraction, but it was interesting.

Once we got to the end of Old Montreal we headed Nord (North…which is West…to the rest of the world) on Rue Berri toward Quartier Latin. There was a Native American and Inuit festival taking place which was quite cool. We wandered about this area a bit and then worked our way back home.

All in all it was a five and a half mile journey on foot. It is always exciting to see new parts of our city…we feel like we could do this for the next year and not see everything!

Tune in next week!


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