No…really. This dessert shop we visited last night was called Calories (nothing like truth in advertising).

It’s just down the road from us and was a wonderous find. We read about it on a local foodie blog called Midnight Poutine. I can’t find any pictures, but you’re not missing too much. The place was cute, but quaint, and very small. Most of the dining area was taken up by a large dessert case. They special in gourmet pies and cakes. They don’t do traditional apple or blueberry or pumpkin type of pies, which is a shame, but the selection they DO have is amazing. We split a giant piece of carrot cake with a cup of coffee. It was AWSOME. We can’t wait to go back and see if the other treats were as praise-worthy as the carrot cake.

*note* The piece of carrot cake pictured above was NOT from Calories, but is simply used as a point of reference. The slice we had was twice that size and probably twice as good.



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4 responses to “Mmmmmm…Calories!

  1. Pam

    Dear Jon and Jen – Ok, a 5 1/2 mile walking trip? WOW! Loved the photos of the carriage rides AND the Market – of course, the carrot cake was the BEST! Keep sending those blogs – WHGN (We Who Go Nowhere) feel as if we are in Montreal exploring with you – Love, Pam

  2. Mom

    Hi Jon and Jen,

    Thanks for the update. I love your entries! What a fun weekend! l love following your adventures!!
    Love you and miss you! Love, Mom

  3. That cake looks delicious! You’ll have to snap a photo of the real cake from Calories.

  4. I think Calories in westmount is closed for renovations, it’s a little upsetting because

    A: I work right above (very loud)
    B: I didn’t get a chance to check it out.

    I like the blog so far.

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