Jen + Sewing Machine = Fun Purse

I’ve made my first creation with my HuskyStar sewing machine, a Christmas gift that I have longed to use (even stockpiled fabric and patterns since before I received the sewing machine) but have never actually gotten around to using it. That doesn’t matter now because the HuskyStar and I are now well-acquainted!

Despite my anger at myself for not using it sooner, I am so excited to be using it now! The purse from the thrift store was exactly what I wanted in a purse, but it doesn’t hold the things I need when out and about in Montreal (map, French/English dictionary, etc.). I decided to make a purse myself. I didn’t have a pattern for a purse, nor do I have a printer to print a pattern from BurdaStyle (if you’re interested in sewing, or are just curious, click the link!)–and I haven’t yet tried their “print to copy shop” feature. I decided to make my own pattern.

I haven’t sewn a thing on machine since early in high school, and even then I was a novice. For this reason, I was a little intimidated and afraid that I’d forgotten what I’d learned. Thankfully, it turned out to be just like riding a bike. I am not a talented or neat seamstress yet, but I know that will come with practice. For now, I’m having fun learning new skills…

Today, I ventured out with my new purse and went shopping in Montreal’s garment district, on Rue St. Hubert. It’s not New York’s or Toronto’s garment district, but it was still impressive to me! The shops are set up more like Mood (the fabric store featured in Project Runway) than JoAnn Fabrics–stacks and stacks of fabric bolts, not a lot of marked prices, and much more geared towards the experienced seamstress and fashion designer. It was as exciting as it was overwhelming, and it was mostly overwhelming because I had only a faint notion of what I wanted to buy. Anyway, it was loads of fun and I can’t wait to head back–once I figure out what other kinds of fabric I need, and have used up the green gingham cotton and yellow cotton I bought today!



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6 responses to “Jen + Sewing Machine = Fun Purse

  1. Pam

    Dear Jen – Your purse is darling – it looks so comfortable and roomy. I think I will have to order one from you as I always have more to carry than I have room for in my little “tote”. I am amazed that you can just make things without a pattern – but, again – I guess I should not be surprised when I see how creative your website photos are. Now – how about those photos of the apartment? Sounds as if you are learning how to get around Montreal pretty independently – good for you! Am excited to read about your next “adventure” over the week-end with Jon – keep posting! Love, Pam

  2. Awesome purse, Jen. I want a man-bag; are you in the business of making these for the public yet? I’ll pay handsomely. Mmm. Mmmm? How ’bout a fresca?

    Mr. Nessuno
    Left of Centre

    • Jen Royce

      Mr. Nessuno,

      Just wondering what’s going on in your world! It’s been awhile, so I wasn’t sure if you were still at the same contact info. If you are, drop me a line!

      Talk soon,

  3. Verónica

    that is beautiful! i’ve never sewn in my life (except for the long-ago high school experience), but i’ve been aching to get a machine and make my own curtains…. i’m intimidated though.

  4. Liz

    Lovely purse – it’s as cute as pie! I am happy to find a Montreal blog by someone with sewing interests. Have a great day!

    • Jen Royce

      Thanks so much! I’ve checked our your blog now too, and I’m definitely going to start following! We’ve fallen behind in posts, but we do plan on picking up the slack.

      Talk soon,

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