Friday night on the town.

So at work, we’re shuffling the office around and I’m finally moving down to the main studio with the other 3 designers from the 3rd floor.  As a result, I was able to get out of work an hour or so early, so it allowed Jen and I to have a full night out.  5 miles later of walking later…

So we took off down Rue Sherbrooke Est through Westmount.  I had found a cool restaurant on the internet and wanted to surprise Jen.  I knew vaguely where it was…but wasn’t quite clear on how far away it was.  That was a bit of a surprise.  Maps can be decieving when you don’t acknowledge the scale of the map!  Lesson learned.

The place is called Burritoville.  It is a mostly organic vegetarien restaurant on Rue Sherbrooke in NDG (Notre Dame De Grace…or…Our Lady of Grace)  Their menu resembles their orange fascade.  they have 3 main dishes; burritos, tacos, and quessadillas, and most contain sweet potatoes as a base ingredient.  The place is dinky.  There is room for maybe 12 people outside and maybe 5 people inside.  The kitchen of the restaurant actually might be smaller than the kitchen in our apartment.  It was a kitchenette at best.  But they used it well!  The food was great.  Fresh tasting, sweet, spicy, and goooood.  Cheap too.

The area that Burritoville is in is very down to earth and eclectic.  There are many markets, shops, cafes, and apartments all mixed together.

There are several fair trade and green cafe’s and shops in the area.

Here was a cool vintage store next to a record/book/movie store.

The walk down Sherbrooke led us past many old english looking apartment buildings like the one shown above.  Many with grand entrances and ornate doors.

More of a common thing around Montreal as a whole, these fresh fruit markets are very convenient and usually feature local produce. Yum!

This BBQ joint is located at the edge of NDG and has a very “inconspicuous” sign out front.  It’s quite impressive at night!  The place looks like it has been there forever, so I’m curious to try the food.

I love this building!  Perhaps a bit sketchy looking, this building greets you as you enter NDG.

After dinner, and on our way home, we stopped at an ice cream shop in Westmount that we had passed on the way to dinner.  It’s called Bilboquet, and appears to be a local chain with 2 or 3 locations around Montreal.  They serve high quality specialty ice creams in a variety of fun flavors.  Quite similar to Jeni’s Ice Cream in Columbus.  Very very good.  And a fun retail space as well.

We returned home not realizing we had just walked 5 miles.  It seems our sense of distance is drastically changing as we get more used to walking.

Can’t wait to see what Saturday has in store!

…sorry for the long post!  Enjoy!


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  1. donaldwhite

    You will love the chicken at Chalet BarB-Q. The place has been there for years and so has the staff. I might just be Montreal’s best chicken coop. You would be doing yourselves a favour by stopping by and eating to your heart’s content.

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