A Petite Adventure in Petite Patrie.

We’re a couple weeks late in getting caught up but, this little adventure happened last weekend in a cute neighborhood called Petite Patrie.  Petite Patrie is part of the larger neighborhood of Rosemont.  Though a small community, it has a lot to offer.

We started out at the Beaubien Metro stop, and headed toward some of the hot spots we read about on another Montreal blog.

Our first stop was a quaint Portuguese bakery.  Petite Patrie is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Montreal and home to a large Portuguese population.

They are famous for everything from authentic Portuguese bread to decadent maple glazed doughnuts.  The owner of the bakery was very nice though she didn’t speak any English.  (Petite Patrie is a very French part of town)  We bought a doughnut and a small loaf of bread and it was a whopping 75 cents I think.  Both were AMAZING.

Next stop was Marché Jean Talon.  We have been here a couple times before but absolutely LOVE it, and can’t resist stopping back when we are in the area.  We wandered about, sampling some of the produce and meats for sale.  A pack of raspberries, some samples of mango, and a few pieces of exotic sausage later and we were ready to move on.

Next was Plaza Saint Hubert.

Link to Plaza St. Hubert

This is a very unique place to visit.  We lucked out and it was the annual sidewalk sale the day we went.  The street is about 5 long blogs worth of discount shopping and restaurants with a few nice high end indie-boutiques mixed in.  The street is a hotspot for prom dress shopping and there are quite a few shops selling some fairly…unique gowns for any occasion.

We wandered down the street, stopping here and there.  We ducked into a nice thrift store and picked up a temporary scanner for our home office, and snacking on a fresh steamed bun from a local Chinese restaurant.

We stopped at a few garage sales on the way back to the Metro and finally returned our weary bodies home to rest.

We love the area and it’s near the top of our list of places to look for an apartment in next spring.


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  1. donaldwhite

    I enjoyed your outing in this area of the city. I love St. Hubert Street and all it has to offer. You reminded me of the Jean Talon Market and I believe I am due for a trip there this coming Labor Day weekend. Thank you for the great memories.

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