Well…so much for THAT idea.

We took off a couple Sundays ago to seek out a few used furniture stores to see about a new loveseat (our IKEA loveseat, though we love it…was giving us trouble)

To make a long story short, both places were closed.

We found another knick-knack shop and wandered through that, but the owner was REALLY uptight, and his stuff was considerably overpriced.  So we didn’t stick around.

We were back in the Mile End area near Little Portugal and found a great local Portuguese Rotisserie to stop for a snack.  We both had spicy chicken sandwiches and they were INCREDIBLE…the best chicken sandwich either of us ever had.  The place smelled amazing too.  And it was CHEAP!  We are sure to return.

After wandering around a bit more we were tired and ready to head out but had passed a Cuban cafe earlier in the day and in passing it again, decided to stop.  The place was very tiny and cute, the food was okay, but they had really good coffee drinks.

The girl working their was very nice and we chatted with her for a while.  She was originally from Atlanta and has come and gone from Montreal a few times.  She wasn’t quite as keen on the city as we were but it’s always good to hear both sides of the story.

It was a quick adventure…ultimately unsuccessful, but we found a couple new restaurants and got some more exercise.

We decided to keep our IKEA sofa…it looks good in our space and for our price range…there is NOTHING else available.  We’re happy with what we have though.


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  1. i have an old, worn out sofa. and i’m still living out of my suitcase because i can’t afford a dresser. don’t you just love growing up? lol.

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