Yikes! It’s been a while!

We’d first like to apologize to our loyal readers (surprisingly, we have some!) for the lack of activity here lately. We have been keeping plenty busy and have a plethora of blog entries to make. I’m going to skip ahead to what went on this past weekend, and we’ll try to fill in the rest ASAP.

This weekend we visited the very unique neighborhood of Saint-Henri. This neighborhood is positioned south and a little west of downtown, an medium length walk from our apartment.

Features of the area include Marché Atwater, the Lachine Canal, Antique Alley, and a collection of eco-shops, boutiques, and an eclectic mix of restaurants. The area is undergoing gentrification which you can argue for or against, regardless, it makes for a unique mix of residents and businesses. It is probably one of the most popular areas for home/condo ownership in the city. There are a few industrial buildings being converted into condos at this time.

We wandered down Notre Dame Ouest for a bit until coming to Marche’ Atwater. This market is slightly more upscale than Marche’ Jean Talon. It has a larger mix of specialty meats, cheeses, chocolates, and the like. Prices also tend to be a bit higher here than at Jean Talon. It is a very nice market though.

After that we went down to the Lachine Canal and checked out a paddle boat. We had looked at doing this a few weeks ago, but recent rains main the Canal unsafe for small watercraft.

We quickly learned that paddle boating would not be a leisurely stroll down the canal. Venice, this is not. What ensued was an hour long marathon of what can only be described as peddling a bicycle through mud. It was very nice and enjoyable, but quite a workout and we were almost incapable of walking when we got back on land. Soaked in sweat and limping slightly, we stopped back by the market, enjoyed some live music, bought a succulent tub of strawberries and proceeded to devour them. 

That about killed our energy level for the day so we returned home, beaten by the might canal, burnt by the sun, and ready for a nap!

Below are a series of pictures from the area showcasing some of the unique traits of the neighborhood.

A Unique townhouse in Saint-Henri.

An old firehouse.

An example of architecture.

A prime example of the eclectic nature of Saint-Henri

Enjoy, and checkback soon for some updates on what has happened in the past month!


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