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Our Apartment

Finally, here is a long-awaited blog entry, with long-awaited pictures of the apartment!

In the past month, Jon and I have gained worthwhile experience to open up our own bed and breakfast. Unfortunately, our guestroom still doubles as the living room/dining room/studio, and our air mattress won’t earn us a Zagat rating, I’m afraid. What am I talking about? Well, over the past month, we have received quite a few visitors! Our hectic schedule as well our procrastination have kept us from updating as we should.

My parents came first, and we had a wonderful time showing them around our beloved city. Next, Jon’s mom, sister Ashley, and their exchange student, Eline, came to visit. My sister, Beth, and her boyfriend, Enzo, were next, and we had a great time showing the five of them around town and discovering new places and restaurants ourselves with them. Lastly, Jonathan’s friend, Eve, and her friend, Brandon, came to visit, and they received the grand tour as well (that Jon and I are getting quite good at, I think). We loved having everyone come visit, and truly appreciated that they made the 12 hour trip to come see us. It was awesome getting to play show-and-tell and share with them what we fell in love with about Montreal in the first place.

Enjoy a photo tour of our apartment, and keep an eye out for our next blog entry, which will include a photo journey through an exciting new area of Montreal that Jonathan and I discovered last weekend!



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