Hmm…it’s cold!?

Okay…we didn’t sign up for this…it’s currently 39 degrees!  (That’s Farenheit, folks!) It got up to a whoppin’ 57 today.  I suggested we go swimming in the river.  Jen disagreed.

So while Zorro and Jen are outside making a snow ang els, I figured I would updated the blog really quick.

Aside from the pending ice age, all is well in Montreal.  Jen and I have been experimenting with some fun home-cooked dinners of late.  We had big juicy hamburgers and roasted potatoes on Monday, Tuesday we had shrimp ceasar salads with a peanut butter and butterscotch banana dessert thing.  Wednesday was our staple of the best frozen pizza in the world with a side salad, and tonight I whipped up some spicy peanut chicken with broccoli over basmati rice!  We’re almost civilized lately!  Now to tackle that laundry.  Argh.

The other day, I saw Provigo was trying to sell raspberries for darn near their weight in gold, and they had stacks and stacks of them.  As we all know, Jen loves raspberries, so this was truely saddening.  Today, Provigo realized no one was buying their elitest raspberries and they were all beginning to turn, so they had a massive berry clearance sale, so we stocked up!

Aside from playing Martha Stewart at home, Jen and I are both swamped at work.  Jen is quickly gaining ground on the “project coordinator of the year award” and I am in the midst of helping to design an entire mall in 2 weeks!  Business is good!

That’s all for now.  Time to sleep.  Let’s hope the snow doesn’t overcome us during the night…


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  1. must be something in the air… or the lack of money to eat out. wil and i have been cooking lately and everyone knows: i hate cooking! but alas! it’s good stuff! good stuff!
    makes me feel healthier, somehow.

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