Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

Beth passed on a link to photos she and Enzo took during their visit to Montreal, and the photos included this great shot of Jon and I, so I thought I’d post it on the blog! I’ll post some more photos later.

Jon and me at Beautys

Jon and me at Beauty's, shot by Beth during breakfast with Beth, Enzo, Jon's mom, Jon's sister Ashley, and Eline (their foreign exchange student)

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Not much has been going on this week, but Jon and I have a great weekend planned. We had a fabulous dinner at Brasserie Brunoise, consisting of fabulous mac ‘n cheese with ham and accompanied it with red wine. Tomorrow we plan to start a “green” weekend and head out and hunt down all the eco boutiques that we’ve seen advertised. I’m so excited! We’ll post more details about our adventures tomorrow, so stay tuned!



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2 responses to “Thank Goodness It’s Friday!

  1. Mom

    Awesome entries! I love all the pictures, your “eco” adventures, and a glimpse into life in Montreal. I know it takes alot of time, but what a gift to your family and friends! We get to share in your life in Canada. Your photos are interesting and really gives us a sense of Montreal. We love your narratives – you are both such good writers! Keep it up – we love you and miss you!

  2. Kelly O'Brien

    After looking at your website, I’d say you couldn’t have done a better job. Montreal looks like a beautiful place to live & I hope you both are adjusting & enjoying yourselves. Great photos & great information. It’s nice for a person who has never been out of the U.S. to get to see other places. šŸ™‚ Keep us updated!

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