This weekend, Jen and I decided to take an eco-adventure through our favorate neighborhoods in Montreal, Mile End and Plateau.

Jen worked hard to find a great list of eco-boutiques for us to visit.  She was amazed a the sheer number of them.  We decided to take start out at the Sherbrooke Metro Station and head north on Saint-Denis. Then we headed down Mont-Royal.  Today, we went back to Mont-Royal then over to Saint-Laurant. We stopped for lunch at our favorate Portuguese chicken restaurant, split an amazing burrito at the wonderful Cafe’ Cagibi and then headed home, tired and well fed.  Jen found some amazing finds, scoring 2 vintage western button-up shirts, a nice zip-up hoodie, and a cute cookoo-clock necklace.  I gave in and purchased a great fitting zip-up hoodie myself which cost considerably more than Jen’s so she was able to get more things.

Click Here to Start the Eco-Photo Tour!

It seems every time we go out we find more and more reasons to love Montreal!  And tomorrow is “Car-Free Day” in Montreal where they close off several downtown blocks during the day and even cover Sainte-Catherine with grass!  I’ll maybe post more about this after work tomorrow.

Montreal has also began implenting their automated bike rental program all over the city.

Stay tuned for more and Go Green!


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