More on our green weekend…

Since Jon already posted lots of photos from this weekend, and it would take quite a while to describe each store and location we visited along the way, I thought I’d post some links to the stores we hit, as well a map that I made for us to use so we’d know where we wanted to go. It’s made on Google Maps, so feel free to use it if you’re in Montreal!

Link to my Map of Eco-Friendly Places in Montreal

I also wanted to point out the awesome and quirky zipper earrings I bought during our “green weekend”. You can find a picture of me wearing them in the slideshow linked in Jon’s previous post. My earrings are yellow, as seen in the picture I just mentioned, but I thought I’d post a picture of similar earrings as well:

Most of the links we used to plan our eco weekend are here on my delicious links, but I’ve also put some links to a few of the stores, designers, and/or clothing lines we checked out this weekend as well.

Other green stores worth checking out in Montreal (some we’ve hit before, some we still need to visit):

A great list of places to find retailers and restaurants (and everything in between) who offer fair trade products can be found here, complete with a key of what fair trade products they offer. To learn more about what fair trade is, click here.


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  1. Beth

    We have a new eco-friendly store in Cleveland that is all fair-trade and made out of recycled materials. There were some neat belts and flip-flops made out of tires and a purse made from pop tabs. Next time you guys come to Cleveland you’ll have to check it out!

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