A day at the parc.

One of the features we plan to start having on our blog is quick posts about various aspects of life in Montreal and Canada that we enjoy.

The first installment is a look at the parks of Montreal (parc in French).

Montreal is known for some of its great parks.  Shown above is the Lachine Canal Park which stretches along the Lachine Canal down to the Old Port.  The main feature of this park other than the canal is a popular bike path.  Jen and I have visited this park a few times for picnics and paddle-boating.  It is a newer park and is quickly gaining in popularity as the Saint-Henri neighborhood develops.

The tamtams at Jeanne-Mance Parc are a famous Montreal custom.  Every Sunday afternoon when the weather permits, dozens of tamtam players along with hundreds of people gather at the park to play music and have a good time.  Vendors come out and sell handmade jewelry and art and people run about playing frisbee or soccer.  There is known to be a good bit of other “recreational activities” that take place during this event as well.

Place du Canada is a smaller plaza/park in downtown.  It is right next door to my office.  At lunch time during the summer many people gather to eat lunch and relax.  You will see people playing the guitar, doing yoga, or simply reading a book with their shoes off.

Because of this parks close proximity to downtown and government buildings it is also plays host to many a protest for everything from pro-Isreal/pro-Palenstinian rallies to workers-rights protests, and anti-war rallies.  All of this can make for an interesting lunch hour!

Shown above is Jeanne Mance Park, the end of Park Mount Royal, and many smaller neighborhood parks.

Parc Mont-Royal was designed by the same man who designed Central Park in New York City.  It occupies a good portion of Mont-Royal (along with Notre-Dame Cemetary).

More small neighborhood parks…

Park La Fontaine is a nice large park in Plateau

And finally, more neighborhood parks in Plateau.

For more information about the parks of Montreal, click here.


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