Mythical food of Byblos

Jon and I had the most amazing breakfast at Byblos this past weekend, which I’ve been dying to try since I read some amazing reviews of it from (review here) and MadeinMtl (review and photos here).

Meal at Byblos

Petit Déjuneur #3 at Byblos

It is a Middle Eastern (Moyen Orient in French) restaurant with amazing brunch. Above is a picture of our breakfast, though Jon’s oriental omelet (not a typical North American omelet) is not pictured. On the plate in the top left, the darker orange-tinted jelly is a ginger-pineapple jelly, one of the many homemade jams and jellies that Byblos serves. The lighter brown contents of the other bowl is halvas (a sweet pistachio mixture with sugar and honey, and I’m not sure what else). The ginger-pineapple jelly came with Jon’s meal, and the sweet breads pictured in the top right were for us to share. The halvas was included with my meal, petit déjuneur #3, which can be seen on the plate in the bottom. This included fresh feta (a milder version than Jon and I were used to, but so creamy and delicious), fresh herbs, nuts including walnuts and pistachios. The server suggested combining the ingredients into a sandwich with the bread, so I used the flatbread to do just that. It was AMAZING.

Check out Byblos for yourself, it’s located at:

1499, Laurier Est * Montréal (Québec) H2J 1H8
Tél.: (514) 523-9396

How to get there: Laurier métro. Bus 27. Papineau. Bus 45

Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 9am-11pm. Breakfast served until 2pm.

small photo of the restaurant, from

small photo of the restaurant, from

Click the link below to read more about our wonderful meal, and see more photos…

Neither Jon nor I were very experienced with eating fresh herbs, but it was amazing. The flavors of the herbs just exploded in the mouth, and there were such a wonderful array of flavors. The fresh herbs included mint, dill, and cilantro. In Jon’s and my starting of our own small little indoor herb “garden”, starting with a basil plant Jon bought me last week, Jon recently made us an incredible meal of chicken with marinara sauce, flavored with fresh basil (direct from the plant!!) and garlic. The whole idea of cooking with fresh herbs seems so much more accessible now, and even more appealing than it was before.

In addition to the food, the decor of Byblos was note-worthy as well. It had a very Middle-Eastern vibe, and one wall had this amazing painted texture on it, seen below. Photos of the decor, as well as more photos of the food. I grabbed the higher-quality photos from Flickr users (referenced in each caption) to accompany my lower-quality photo of our meal that was shot from my cell phone.

painted wall at Byblos by Flickr user fling93

painted wall at Byblos by Flickr user fling93

sweet breads, from Flickr user solsken

sweet breads and tea, from Flickr user solsken

Byblos dining room, from their official website

Byblos dining room, from their official website

doorway between dining rooms, from

doorway between dining rooms, from their official website

Byblos omelet, from Flickr user KrissatMontreal

Byblos omelet, from Flickr user KrissatMontreal

The omelet above wasn’t exactly like the one above, which I believe is the feta omelet. Jon opted for the Oriental omelet, which included an unusual (at least to us) but delicious combination of eggs with flour, rose petals, and cardamom.

Side note: For those of you who were in the dark about what a petit déjuneur is, like Jon and I were when we moved here, it is just what it sounds like–small breakfast. A rough translation into English would be continental breakfast, according to From Jon’s and my own experience, it typically consists of coffee and croissant, coffee with fruit and a couple of eggs, and so forth.


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  1. Greets! Really amazing. Big ups! Tnx! Saw!

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