Thanksgiving in New Hampshire

This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada.  We decided to make a mini-vacation of it and headed down into New Hampshire for a weekend in a cabin.  Surprising to us, this weekend was one of the busiest camping weekends of the season for the region due to the incredible foliage on display.  The trees didn’t disappoint.  The owner’s of the campground we stayed at called the people who come to the region in the fall “Leaf Peepers” and the area was packed with them.

We got in late Friday night at about 2am and went straight to bed.  We didn’t the small space heater we requested yet so we proceeded to freeze the entire night!  The next morning we promptly went to the office to sign in and claim our heater. That proved to be a wise decision.  We spent most of the trip driving about the mountains getting ourselves lost while stumbling upon quaint town after quaint town.  All were amazing! We were blown away by the amount of Co-Op stores, thrift shops, organic grociers and great restaurants.  We sampled as much as we could and made some great finds in the shops, including a 2 dollar danish dining chair that we hope to restore (blog post to follow). After getting very lost one day in Vermont we had to stop to ask where we were!  Turns out, the place we stopped was in the home town of Joseph Smith Sr. (father of Joseph Smith Jr. the founder of the Mormon Church) And this particular shop was one of the oldest continually operating businesses in Vermont.  Very cool.  Read more about the shop here.

Below is a short video clip that Jen took while we wound through some back roads in the mountains.

Click here to view our photo gallery from the trip.

The nights were spent around the campfire roasting marshmallows and pineapple (highly recommended!). On Sunday night we made Thanksgiving dinner on the campfire. We whipped up a delicious smoked turkey stew/soup with apples, and veggies.  And we made pumpkin pies for dessert.  We had enough for left overs on Monday night back in Montreal and the soup tasted even better then.

Overall it was a great trip and the weather worked out fabulously.  It rained as we crossed the border back into Canada.

Jen and I will probably post more details about the trip as they occur to us, so for now enjoy the photo gallery and movie clip.



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2 responses to “Thanksgiving in New Hampshire

  1. i live close to nashua, new hampshire (10-15 mins).. you were probably farther away, but still! we were so close! we were so close!
    and you were listening to the doors 🙂 yay!

  2. Thanks for the plug! I work at the Tunbridge Village Store and I am glad to hear you enjoyed your visit! Come back soon!

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