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Mr. Fancy Pants…please don’t arrest me!


I’m sure I have mentioned before that Montrealers are known for their political activism.  On our different visits here before the big move we witnessed a wide variety of protests from Pro-Isreal/Pro-Palestine protests, to Anti-Guantanamo Bay Prison marches, to worker’s rights demonstrations.  Everyone seems to get involved.  That now includes the local police department.

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I am addicted to this feature on Spacing Montreal that loosely translates to “Before and After”.

Somehow they found a vast wealth of historic photographs from all over Montreal and they reshoot the photos in present day comparing and contrasting the differences.  Sometimes the differences are subtle, sometimes they are glaring.  Often, they are not for the better.

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…not something you see everyday…


These sculptures, originally spotted on Spacing Montreal, are by the artist Tuto, and are on display in Griffintown,  a revitalized industrial neighborhood near Old Montreal.

These statues will look quite interesting covered in a meter of snow and ice!

One thing I love about Montreal is that you just never know what you will see walking down the street!

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The Montreal Underground. It’s another world down there.


Beneath the bustling streets and charming cafe’s of Montreal, there lies a secret.  A cavernous system of tunnels that sprawls out like a vast maze with no end in sight.  Many people have entered these catacombs and never returned, resigned to a life of wandering from mall to mall, bankrupt and weary, they pine for a glimpse of sunshine that never comes.

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Night of the Living Dead

The Undead Jon and Jen
The Undead Jon and Jen

Jon and I have been super busy lately, with work, with the sudden illness of our dog, Zorro, who was diagnosed with heart disease and heart failure, and a variety of other situations that managed to take precedence. Zorro will be okay, he just needs to be monitored, stay on medication, and we’re now actually needing to cook for the little guy so that he keeps eating. The news could be worse, and with luck on our side, he’ll live another 1-2 or more years.

Now we’re back, with very belated pictures from Halloween. Jon’s work had themed Halloween festivities focused on “reshooting” Night of the LIving Dead. Each staff member randomly drew a slip of paper with a character on it that they were to dress as for Halloween, only a zombie version of that character. Jon’s character was a fisherman. After work, everyone would meet up for a cinq a sept (5 to 7, a French Canadian equivalent of Happy Hour) that significant others were invited to attend. I dressed in costume (of course!) as a zombie librarian.

As you may notice in the photos above, I had some fun with Photoshop. Photos of Jon with his colleagues are below, along with a link to the original (unaltered) photos. Enjoy!

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Montreal gets a face-lift…for a price.

Is this work $500,000?

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