I am addicted to this feature on Spacing Montreal that loosely translates to “Before and After”.

Somehow they found a vast wealth of historic photographs from all over Montreal and they reshoot the photos in present day comparing and contrasting the differences.  Sometimes the differences are subtle, sometimes they are glaring.  Often, they are not for the better.

I often criticized Columbus, Ohio for not preserving it’s architectural history.  I now see clearer that no city is free of guilt, but I do think Montreal is better than most cities in the preservation department.

Pictured above is the Seville Theatre that is right next door to our apartment.  Once a famous and grand theatre, it now more resembles a bombed out building from some far-flung war torn country.  There is a long messy story behind this buildings demise which I wont go into now, but not all of the “before and after” photo comparisons are this bleek, and all are quite intriguing.

Click here to see more.


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