Mr. Fancy Pants…please don’t arrest me!


I’m sure I have mentioned before that Montrealers are known for their political activism.  On our different visits here before the big move we witnessed a wide variety of protests from Pro-Isreal/Pro-Palestine protests, to Anti-Guantanamo Bay Prison marches, to worker’s rights demonstrations.  Everyone seems to get involved.  That now includes the local police department.

The Montreal police have been working without a proper contract for some time, and have recently turned to strange measures to pressure the city into coming to an agreement.  It started with the police wearing camoflage pants as a sign of protest.  This was met with much resistance as seeing “soldiers” walking down the street with a sidearm isn’t exactly a calming site, and many immigrants here have fled war-torn military controlled countries and thus could be traumatized by seeing the police dressed in such a way.

In recent weeks, the police attire has grown increasingly…goofy?  As the picture above illustrates, now it may not be unheard of to be arrested by an officer wearing purple leather pants.

I can’t speak from experience, but I imagine it would be hard to take someone seriously if they’re reading you your Miranda rights while dressed like they are about to go to a rave.  Just my two-cents…

As always…Montreal is always full of surprises!


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One response to “Mr. Fancy Pants…please don’t arrest me!

  1. wait… they are wearing purple pants as a form of protest?
    ha ha ha

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