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Winter Wonderland


Today, Jen and I headed out into the frozen tundra of Montreal to do some sight-seeing and stop by a local indie craft fair, which I’m sure Jen will post about later. Click here for some great pictures that we captured along the way.


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From Trash to Treasure!


During Canada’s Thanksgiving, Jen and I took a trip down into the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont.  During a stop in this amazing town of White River Junction, we stumbled upon this fun furniture and antique/thrift shop.  We emerged a while later with a handful of stuff for about 10 dollars including this rickety chair which was two dollars.

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The Big Idea!


This is a concept I came up with last week and hope to execute sometime soon *crosses fingers*.

I call it the “Big Idea Light”, and it is a simple mix of steampunk-vintage and modern styling.  A sleek white box holds a reproduction vintage “squirrel-cage” lightbulb circa 1912 sourced from the most amazing of period- inspired lighting websites  The lamp is controlled by a primative industrial electrical switch and features a reproduction gold nylon woven cord.

Check back for (hopefully) updates on the status of it’s production.

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Montreal Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2008


1. Framed embroidered wall art,

2. Sterling silver hand-cut tree necklace,

3. 14k rose gold band with inlaid opals,

4. Sterling silver origami crane necklace,

5. Felt necklace, green leaves with flowers,

6. A Song for Spring art photo pendant,

7. Spice kit (large French spice kit shown),

8. Noodle ring (sterling silver),

9. Normanville Red coat,

10. Wood earrings (linear circular black walnut shown),

A few fun things I found browsing Montreal Etsy sellers. I thought a Bonjour, Montreal! holiday gift guide was in order, since the holiday season is upon us. This is not a wish list, just a few things that I thought were beautiful from Montreal-based artists. Click here to see more Etsy sellers based in Montreal.

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Montreal Christmas Parade 2008


The other day, Jen and I were awoken to the droning repetition of Rockin’ Robin outside our window on Sainte-Catherine.  It was the Christmas parade setting up, literally 10 feet away.  So we got up and headed down to the festivities.

The evil source of Rockin’ Robin is pictured above. Continue reading

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Exploring the Urban Landscape


Many of you may already know my (and Jon’s) love of abandoned buildings and interest in urban exploration (also known as poking around abandoned buildings and sites). Our actual experience in urban exploration is extremely limited, as in we’ve never actually explored an abandoned building, but I have come close. In that case, I was unprepared and with someone who couldn’t climb up into the building entrance due to a knee injury. It didn’t seem smart to me to enter an abandoned building without doing any preparation beforehand, without any knowledge of the building, its owners or lack thereof, and its possible occupants. In addition, I wasn’t ready to jump into exploring my first abandoned building by myself, even if there was a friend waiting for me in the car.

All that background information aside, Jon found this amazing site that he directed me to, Urban Exploration Montreal or UEM for short, which chronicles the adventures of a group of urban explorers as they investigate various abandoned sites around the city. I used to follow the website Forgotten Ohio, since around 2002 (I think), so I was incredibly excited to hear that there was a similar website for Montreal. Maybe this time I’ll get the nerve up (and convince Jon) to get a plan together and go exploring!

He also found this event, an art exhibit centered around the art that has developed at an abandoned site known as Turcot Yards. This site was also covered by UEM here, and UEM is actually where I got the photos posted in this entry (distressed by me, though–yay for Photoshop!).


The event is tomorrow, and Jonathan and I will be there! Check out the details below, or go to the site here. All the following information is copied and pasted from that website.

5 / 12 – Exposition High Roads / Gran’routes

Artworks by ARPi and Henry Buszard examine the Turcot yards, North America’s largest vacant urban space, and the demise of the elevated highway system.

Une exploration visuelle, à travers des oeuvres de ARPi et Henry Buszard, de la cessastion du système de toute élevée et de l’espace en dessous de l’échageur Turcot, la plus grande espace inocupée en Amérique du Nord.

WHEN: Opening party Friday December 5th at 19h30. Exhibit Dec 5 – 31.
WHERE: Espace Les Neuf Soeurs 1900 Wellington in Pointe-Saint Charles;
COST: free/gratuit

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Bring on the cold.

Today, we got our first taste of what winter has in store for us here in Montreal.  When we woke up this morning it was -20 degrees celcius (-4 fahrenheit) with a -30 degree celcius windchill (-22 fahrenheit).

It was, simply put, quite cold!  Jen and I are continually being warned about the winters and we try to reassure people that it does, in fact, get cold in Ohio!  Most seem confused or mildly amused at best.

I did a little bit of searching and found that on average, in Columbus, the coldest it tends to get is around Zero fahrenheit, where as in Montreal it can easily average -10 to -20 Fahrenheit for weeks at a time during January and February with windchills getting down to around -50 or more!

Luckily, we have the Metro and underground city to keep us safe!

Jen and I are mostly excited about the pending winter.  I personally thing snow is great as long as I don’t have to drive in it.  But we’ll revisit this topic in mid-February.

Stay tuned…

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