These Boots Were Made for Walking!


I like boots.  Ask Jen.  She’ll tell you.  I currently have 4 pairs (one needs repaired).  This particular pair of boots has developed a bit of a story, and most of it involves Montreal, so I figured I would share. Bear with me.


When Jen, my sister Ashley and I visited New York City last year around Christmas time, we spent some time wandering a round the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.  For those that don’t know, there is no relation to the Williamsburg in Virginia.  This neighborhood in Brooklyn is one of, if not the hottest and most desirable places to live in the United States right now.  When Jen and I were looking into moving to NYC, this neighborhood was near the top of our list.  It also happens to be a toxic waste dump…but I digress.

One of our stops in Brooklyn was at Beacon’s Closet, probably the hippest, coolest (and most expensive) thrift store you will ever find.  There, I scored a sexy pair of black Kenneth Cole cowboy boots for $20 dollars.  The soles were already worn through on both shoes, and the heals had severely worn down as well.  But I saw the potential.

I wore them for a few weeks in this condition, avoiding rainy days, until I got them to a shoe repair shop in City Center Mall.  The workers there were quite nice, but not the most speedy of cobblers.  Due to a broken machine, I was separated from my beloved boots for almost 3 weeks.  When I got them back I was pleased.  Though the soles soon began separating from the shoe…I resorted to home repairs to avoid any further dealing with the world’s slowest shoe repairman.  Soon after this, a tiny tear started to form in one of the zippers…I pretended it wasn’t there.

So then we start thinking about moving to Montreal..

The weekend Jen and I traveled to Montreal for my job interview, one of my supervisors Helene took us down to Old Montreal for a fantastic french dinner.  It was still the middle of winter, so there was ice everywhere.  We were walking down a steep sidewalk toward the restaurant and I…wearing my favorate boots (with smooth leather soles) proceeded to wipe out.  Jen screamed, I got embarassed, and then we proceeded on to dinner…very carefully.

Then later, Jen and I came back to Montreal to pick and apartment.  While here, I had to stop by the office to take care of some business, so again, I brought my favorite boots to help me look stylish and professional.  While walking down Sainte-Catherine, the heel completely comes loose from my boot and is flopping around haphazardly. D’oh!  So I had to buy a back-up pair of shoes at Steve Madden (a decision i went onto regret).

Wow…this is getting long!

So now we’re in Montreal…and approximately 125 miles of walking during a 6 month span, and the soles and heals are warn out and the zipper has finally blown.  A truly sad day indeed.

They sat on the shelf for a few weeks before I got them to a great cordonnerie at the Complexe Desjardin on the east side of downtown.  A good chunk of money and only three days later, my boots are as good as new.  I was AMAZED at their speed and quality.



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  1. Margaret

    Loved your “boots” story!!! You are such a good writer! I look forward to reading your updates on life in Montreal!

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