Bring on the cold.

Today, we got our first taste of what winter has in store for us here in Montreal.  When we woke up this morning it was -20 degrees celcius (-4 fahrenheit) with a -30 degree celcius windchill (-22 fahrenheit).

It was, simply put, quite cold!  Jen and I are continually being warned about the winters and we try to reassure people that it does, in fact, get cold in Ohio!  Most seem confused or mildly amused at best.

I did a little bit of searching and found that on average, in Columbus, the coldest it tends to get is around Zero fahrenheit, where as in Montreal it can easily average -10 to -20 Fahrenheit for weeks at a time during January and February with windchills getting down to around -50 or more!

Luckily, we have the Metro and underground city to keep us safe!

Jen and I are mostly excited about the pending winter.  I personally thing snow is great as long as I don’t have to drive in it.  But we’ll revisit this topic in mid-February.

Stay tuned…


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