Montreal Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2008


1. Framed embroidered wall art,

2. Sterling silver hand-cut tree necklace,

3. 14k rose gold band with inlaid opals,

4. Sterling silver origami crane necklace,

5. Felt necklace, green leaves with flowers,

6. A Song for Spring art photo pendant,

7. Spice kit (large French spice kit shown),

8. Noodle ring (sterling silver),

9. Normanville Red coat,

10. Wood earrings (linear circular black walnut shown),

A few fun things I found browsing Montreal Etsy sellers. I thought a Bonjour, Montreal! holiday gift guide was in order, since the holiday season is upon us. This is not a wish list, just a few things that I thought were beautiful from Montreal-based artists. Click here to see more Etsy sellers based in Montreal.


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