From Trash to Treasure!


During Canada’s Thanksgiving, Jen and I took a trip down into the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont.  During a stop in this amazing town of White River Junction, we stumbled upon this fun furniture and antique/thrift shop.  We emerged a while later with a handful of stuff for about 10 dollars including this rickety chair which was two dollars.

We took in the orphan chair and cared for it and nurtured it.  Which means we tore it apart and attacked it with sandpaper!

We headed up to the fashion district on St. Hubert and picked out some fabric and a new seat cushion.  The paint colour was chosen to match the sunny yellow of the fabric, and after sanding, we decided to leave the beautifully crafted seat back as bare wood to show off the nice details, and provide contrast to the bright colour.

Let us know what you think! And the chair may also be for sale if anyone is interested. 🙂


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