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Catching Up


Okay, sorry everyone for the lapse in action here at the blog.  Our schedules have been pretty crazy since Christmas.  We promise some updates soon as news develops.  The biggest news to date is the acquisition of a new apartment!

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A Salvadoran birthday feast at Las Palmas

Jon took me to an amazing Salvardoran restaurant in Villeray for my birthday yesterday. It may have been more casual than a traditional birthday dinner, but it was a perfect choice. I have wanted to go to Latin America, South America, or Africa to do (non-religious) missionary or relief work since high school, and El Salvador was the country I had originally planned on going. In short, Jon’s choice of a Salvadoran restaurant was just perfect.

The decor was very homey, the service quick and friendly, and the food delicious. I ordered for us in Spanish, which was very exciting for me, since I rarely get a chance to practice. We ordered off of the Salvadoran specialties menu, and ordered two tamales con pollo (chicken tamales), an order of fried yucca with steak and salad, and an order of platanos con frijoles y crema (fried plantains with beans and sour cream).

Fried yucca with steak

Fried yucca with steak

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Montrealers for Obama


Yesterday was a big day not just for residents of the United States or ex-pats from the States, it was a big day for everyone all over the world. This blog is not a political blog, and Jonathan and I aren’t planning to use this as a platform for our political views, but this is an event that had to be documented.


When President Obama was elected back in November, there were “Welcome Back, America!” parties all over Canada (including Montreal) and all over the world. There’s no surprise, then, that all over the world, people would want to celebrate the Inaguration of President Barack Obama.


Check out the links below for reactions to the new President of the United States, from Montrealers and Canadians…

Obama Inauguration Party by Pop Montreal

Today in Montreal: Inauguration Day Feats (Suggested Itineraries)

Montrealers Watch Obama from Near and Far (CBC News)

Montrealers Wave to Obama on the Web and in Person (CBC News)

Canadians Celebrating as Obama Takes Power (CTV)

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Salvation in the Underground City

This is a delayed post, and my apologies for the lull in entries around the holidays! Jon and I returned to Ohio to spend the holidays with each of our families, and had a wonderful time catching up with everyone, cooking and baking and candlestick-making (okay, maybe not the candlestick-making part), and then gorging ourselves on all those homemade holiday goodies. We hope you had a wonderful holiday, too!

I’m sure we’ll return to the topic of the Underground City again in this blog, but I thought I’d write a quick entry about how we were saved by this wonderful feature of Montreal when it came to our holiday shopping this year.

So here’s the story: While we were definitely not alone, Jon and I both procrastinated this year on buying presents (though I have been looking for gifts since early fall, so I’m baffled how it ended up so last minute). Surprise, surprise, it gets down to the wire and we are at the point where we have to get the rest of the presents or we will be experiencing a serious shortage in Christmas gifts for various members of the family.

The morning of our “last chance” shopping day, Montreal looked like this:


We tromped through the foot or so of snow and grabbed breakfast at a little café nearby, where we quickly realized that heading downtown via St. Catherine was not an option, and resolved to trudge to the metro so that we could finish up what was left of our holiday shopping inside the cozy warmth of the Underground City.

Eaton Center

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