Montrealers for Obama


Yesterday was a big day not just for residents of the United States or ex-pats from the States, it was a big day for everyone all over the world. This blog is not a political blog, and Jonathan and I aren’t planning to use this as a platform for our political views, but this is an event that had to be documented.


When President Obama was elected back in November, there were “Welcome Back, America!” parties all over Canada (including Montreal) and all over the world. There’s no surprise, then, that all over the world, people would want to celebrate the Inaguration of President Barack Obama.


Check out the links below for reactions to the new President of the United States, from Montrealers and Canadians…

Obama Inauguration Party by Pop Montreal

Today in Montreal: Inauguration Day Feats (Suggested Itineraries)

Montrealers Watch Obama from Near and Far (CBC News)

Montrealers Wave to Obama on the Web and in Person (CBC News)

Canadians Celebrating as Obama Takes Power (CTV)

Canadians Celebrating Obama’s Inauguration (The Canadian Press)

Obama Inauguration Festivities Sweep Across the Border (Canwest News Service)

Around the World, Well-Wishers Mobilize for Obama’s Inaguration (The Associated Press)

HBO Canada to Carry Celebration of Barack Obama’s Inauguration (The Canadian Press)

Jubilation and Reflection as Canadians Pause to Watch Barack Obama’s Inauguration (The Canadian Press)

Obama’s First Foreign Visit to Be to Canada (Montreal Gazette)

Canada Votes Obama (not an article, just a fun link)

On a (very) side note, Jon has taught me the basics of Adobe Illustrator and I’m having quite a lot of fun playing. It has helped me at work, too, which is always good. The Obama logos in the “a moment in history” graphic were traced by me from an Obama button (found online).


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