A Salvadoran birthday feast at Las Palmas

Jon took me to an amazing Salvardoran restaurant in Villeray for my birthday yesterday. It may have been more casual than a traditional birthday dinner, but it was a perfect choice. I have wanted to go to Latin America, South America, or Africa to do (non-religious) missionary or relief work since high school, and El Salvador was the country I had originally planned on going. In short, Jon’s choice of a Salvadoran restaurant was just perfect.

The decor was very homey, the service quick and friendly, and the food delicious. I ordered for us in Spanish, which was very exciting for me, since I rarely get a chance to practice. We ordered off of the Salvadoran specialties menu, and ordered two tamales con pollo (chicken tamales), an order of fried yucca with steak and salad, and an order of platanos con frijoles y crema (fried plantains with beans and sour cream).

Fried yucca with steak

Fried yucca with steak

Platanos con frijoles y crema

Platanos con frijoles y crema

For dessert, we ordered cemita con piña (a thin, dense cake with carmelized pineapple) and tres leches cake (a very moist cake made with three kinds of milk).

Tres leches cake

Tres leches cake

When Jon has his birthday in a few weeks, I’m definitely going to be making this for him. With how much he loves milk, it’s no surprise this dessert is a new favorite of his.

If you want to check out Las Palmas, don’t get it confused with the Columbian restaurant in Mile End, Las Palmas Cafétéria, which is also very well-reviewed. To get to Restaurant Las Palmas, get off at the Jarry metro and go right down Rue Jarry. It’s less than 2 short blocks on your right.

632 rue Jarry Est, Montréal, QC H2P 1V7, Canada‎ – (514) 270-7334

In case you’re interested in some Salvadoran recipes, check out this link.

I had a great birthday overall, though I know my family would have loved to celebrate it with me. My mom sent me a “birthday party in a box” complete with decorations, birthday plates and cups, and all the (shippable) ingredients for my favorite kind of birthday cake (and our traditional family birthday cake), chocolate lemon cake.

Thanks to everyone for all your birthday wishes!


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  1. I love going to your web site to see what is happening with you both. The pictures are great too.

    We hope the move this weekend went smoothly and that you will love your new flat. We look forward to seeing it on our next visit to the north, when the weather breaks. Mom and I were saying you guys must be geographical experts by now.

    We are looking forward to seeing you on Cape Cod over Easter. That will be a lot of fun and it will be awesome for all of us.

    Keep in touch, we love you both.



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