Haitian Delights in Villeray

We’re back! We are officially completely moved in, though we are still rearranging and settling in. Finally, we found a new tenant for our old apartment, and our lease is officially transferred (yay!). Also, Jon and I are both now on Twitter! My username is jen_in_montreal and Jon’s is jknodell. Feel free to follow us!

Yesterday, Jon and I tried Ange & Ricky, one of two Haitian restaurants (and small markets) nearby. We have already tried Marché Meli Melo, which is a Haitian grocery store with a carry out and a few tables in the back. The food is great, and Jon and I have quickly become fans. We figured it was time to try out Ange & Ricky, and it was amazing!

After walking in the door, we were greeted by Ange, who apologized for her English (once we informed her that our French is nonexistent), and offered us samples of the food. We ordered two trios: the goat and the vegetable with beef. Each came with rice and beans, two fried plantains, and salad. We stopped the minute we felt full, and managed to save half of each assiette (platter) for lunch. Thus we both had delicious lunches two days in a row!

(photo thanks to Midnight Poutine)

Goat with rice, fried plantains, and salad; photo courtesy of Midnight Poutine

inside Ange & Ricky; photo courtesy of Midnight Poutine

inside Ange & Ricky; photo courtesy of Midnight Poutine

Click below for the rest of the entry, photos, and location information for both Marché Meli Melo and Ange & Ricky.

Jon and I treated ourselves to a jar of spicy peanut butter, direct from Haiti (said so on the jar), and these dense little cookies fresh from Ange & Ricky’s kitchen. We first tried the cookies at Marché Meli Melo, and thoroughly enjoyed them, so we grabbed those as well! The peanut butter sounds strange (Jon loves almost anything with cayenne pepper) but is actually quite good. The burn is slow and more part of the aftertaste than the initial taste. I was skeptical, but a quick convert. Jon said it reminded him of the spicy peanut butter and banana sandwich platter at Surly Girl in Columbus, Ohio, which is served with marshmallows and chocolate milk.

outside view of Ange & Ricky, courtesy of Midnight Poutine

outside view of Ange & Ricky, courtesy of Midnight Poutine

Ange & Ricky
195 rue Jarry Est, Montréal, QC H2P 1T4
(514) 385-6094‎

Marché Meli Melo
640 rue Jarry Est, Montréal, QC H2P 1V7
(514) 277-6409‎

While this is a Montreal blog, since I mentioned Surly Girl, it would only be fair to include its information as well. If you’re in the area, Jon and I highly recommend a stop. Order a Lindeman’s framboise for me!

Surly Girl Saloon
1126 N High St, Columbus, OH
(614) 294-4900

Lindemans Framboise

Lindeman's Framboise


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