Beauregard the Boston Terrier

Beauregard and Jen

Beauregard and Jen

Meet Beauregard, our new Boston Terrier. He is 7 months old and filled with energy and kisses. It seems that now we see Bostons everywhere, but it’s probably just one of those things.

Jon and I started looking at different dog breeds not too long after we lost Zorro, just to ease the emptiness. We decided that a Boston Terrier would be a perfect fit, so we started looking. Since Bostons have a signature black-and-white coat, making them look like they are wearing tuxedos, the breed earned the nickname, “The American Gentleman”.

Thinking that a gentleman (or gentlewoman) deserved a distinguished name, and that an alliteration with the letter “B” for “Boston” would be appropriate, Jon and I put on our thinking caps and started to think of names. I picked Bernadette for a girl, and Jon picked Beauregard for a boy dog. (More than one person since then have mentioned being thankful the dog was a boy, fearing for a poor little girl dog named Bernie. But that’s beside the point)

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We found a promising listing on Craig’s List and took the bus out to St. Jean-sur-Richelieu to take a look at the puppy. We didn’t know the gender of Bernadette/Beauregard as we took a cab from the bus stop. Looking down at the map as we neared, Jon and I noticed that the house stood on a street named Beauregard. It also happened to be a few streets away from a street named St. Bernadette.

Our very uncanny choice of possible names definitely seemed like a good omen. Regardless of street names, though, little Beau won us over with lots of kisses and the rest is history.

Although, we did toy with the idea of getting two Boston Terriers, so there may be an epilogue to this story. Also, Jon became taken with this painting from Etsy, and it would be perfect to hang in the apartment if we had two Bostons. For now, though, Beauregard is plenty enough to handle on his own!

Boston Terrier thieves trying to get some bones

Boston Terrier thieves trying to get some bones

print of original painting by Brian Rubenacker, $12.99,


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  1. JenJen–You have to get that painting it is too cute! Plus I think Beau needs a sister so he doesn’t get to lonely. Then they can come visit their cousin!

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