Over React Much?

Hold on tight - We're in for a bumpy ride [Métro Mont-Royal]


Just to show everyone that Montreal isn’t QUITE the land of rainbows and butterflies that we sometimes portray it as…I read this disturbing article on one of my favorite Montreal blogs “Spacing Montreal”.

A 38-year old law student and mother of two was briefly arrested (read, handcuffed) and fined for not using the handrail on an escalator in the Metro.

Wow.  That’s all I can say.

To the uber-strict officer’s credit, it turns out it IS technically illegal to not use the handrail, which seems like another strange matter all it’s own.  But really…?  I guess from now on I’m never going to walk around with my shoe untied, since I certainly can’t afford a 500 dollar fine!


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One response to “Over React Much?

  1. That is so absurd. Sometimes these laws and rules to protect us all from ourselves really are a bit much. Thank you so much sweetie for popping over and saying all those sweet things! I am so glad you and Jon get to go out hunting for treasures too. Sometime we will have to plan ahead to go out together!

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