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LABoratoire Créatif

Since there was a long hiatus in our posts, I’m going to try to catch up on what we’ve missed. First, we went to a Marché du LABoratoire Créatif, a fashion sale featuring designers from Quebec at Ailes de la Mode, held by LABoratoire Créatif. Check out their website for a listing of designers, future fashion shows, events, clothing and products to buy, and more. The sale was awesome, though not nearly as big of an event as we were expecting. Without knowing what to expect, though, we definitely enjoyed it and I’ve become a fan of LAB Créatif. At least several of the designers featured were actually at the show, and I did end up buying a really cute dress/tunic. The designers featured included:

Meg Couture | Cluc Couture | Ève Gravel | Grob | Judy Design | Lilidom | Station 8 | Ysol | Annie 50 | J’bouj | NKI | Mir Handbags | Mode Cherry Bobin | Valérie Dumaine | Véronique Miljkovitch | KSL | Atelier B | WillBe Design | Dita & Bella | Extenso 14 + | Ruelle | Oöm Ethikwear | Atelier Héricher | Ressac

All of the above are links to each designer or company’s website, so check them out! Click “more” for a sneak-peak of the designs.

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