Who bicycles in the winter?!?

We’re back! We do apologize for the lapse in entries. It’s been a whirlwind of activity, and other things ended up taking precedence over updating the blog. We’re still here, though, with renewed enthusiasm to keep this blog updated.

So, what’s new? Well, in early November I had a bad fall while running Beau with Jon. I sprained my ankle and was rather banged up for a bit (black eye and the works), but I’m doing much better now. Luckily, it happened several weeks before the snow fell, so I am in a good stage of healing now that snow is on the ground. I have spikes that flip down on my crutches, so that I don’t fall on the snow and ice, and spikes for my shoes as well. Overall, I’m doing well and should be off the crutches within a couple weeks I think.

We’re preparing for Christmas and our return to Columbus, Ohio in just a week and a day (yikes!), which I’m sure will turn into more of a scramble as we get closer to time. Why the holidays always must begin with such a flurry of stress and activity, I’m not sure, but I know that once the holidays actually arrive it will be wonderful to relax with our families and friends.

So, I will be doing the next few entries, and will try to keep the blog updated more regularly, and then in January once I’m more healed, you’ll hear from Jon again. So, onward to the entry!

In Montreal in winter time, you are very likely to see plenty of bikes peeking out from a blanket of snow, a reminder of the wonderful summer heat that surrounded us only a few months earlier. Not enough snow has fallen yet to really bury any bikes in snow drifts, but they are definitely topped with a few inches of snow.

Thanks to flickr user oui-ennui

Thanks to flickr user oui-ennui

I love the bikes in the snow; they’re so photographic and it’s tempting not to just tote my camera about and take pictures of them. Not sure why I would need an album filled with dramatic pictures of snow-buried bikes, but I still get the urge to take a picture of them when I see them. The picture above is definitely not from this year, but I’m sure we’ll see plenty upon the arrival of January and February.

Thanks to Flickr user lui

Thanks to Flickr user lui

More rare to see, but even more impressive, are the bikes that are NOT covered in snow, but in use by some brave bicyclist who refuses to relinquish use of a perfectly good bicycle for half of the year. We both admire and marvel at these creatures that certainly must have far better survival skills and hardiness than Jon or myself. I think the numbers of bicyclists dwindle as the weather gets colder and colder into January and then bitter February, but even in their rarity, it an amazing sight to behold.



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4 responses to “Who bicycles in the winter?!?

  1. J and J,

    Love the update and comments about the snow covered bikes. By the time you arrive we may have some snow. Please be very careful driving home to Columbus as you are our Christmas presents.

    We love you both and Beau – – – getting very excited as the days tick away to your arrival.

    Love ,
    Mark / Dad


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