Coming Soon…

Hello everyone. (Everyone meaning, the two or three people that run across this blog…plus our beloved family)

As Jen and I start making plans toward our ultimate goals, we’re taking an initial step with a new form of online expression for us.

Starting hopefully sometime soon, maybe, we hope…perhaps in the not too distant future, we will be launching a new blog!!

Fresh Montreal is our brainchild to combine our passions into a creative, unique, and hopefully fun-to-read source for food + fashion information specifically concerning Montreal.

Jen will be focusing on the fashion side and I, the food side, with some cross contamination undoubtedly occurring from time to time!

Jen will be doing her best Lois Lane impersonation and focus on the local design scene which we are fortunate enough to live smack-dab in the middle of. She will document new boutiques, local trends, upcoming designers, as well as exploring the underbelly of the local fashion scene (no, she won’t be exposing sweatshops…if there even are any…) but rather the friperies(that’s a used clothes store for you Americans), thrift stores, and garage sales that make wandering the streets of Montreal in the summer time an endless adventure. I’m sure she will also be documenting her quest through fashion school that will be beginning next fall.

I will be throwing my diet out the window and diving into the local culinary scene. I will sacrifice my svelte figure to report on the best sources of nourishment in the city, with an emphasis on the unexpected. Everyone knows about Au Pied de Cochon (you are an evil man Mr. Picard!) but how many know about the wonderful Haitian comfort food available at Ange & Ricky in Villeray?? I will focus on more great little restaurants like this, as well as getting to know the people behind the scenes. I will also feature recipes, some that I develop on my own (try at your own risk!), and others that have been passed down to us from our parents, grandparents, etc…

We will post more details here as the site gets closer to launching.

And here’s to hoping we’re a bit more punctual with our next endeavor than we have been with this one!


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