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Coming Soon…

Hello everyone. (Everyone meaning, the two or three people that run across this blog…plus our beloved family)

As Jen and I start making plans toward our ultimate goals, we’re taking an initial step with a new form of online expression for us.

Starting hopefully sometime soon, maybe, we hope…perhaps in the not too distant future, we will be launching a new blog!!

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Wow, it’s been YEARS it seems since I’ve posted anything, so in order to avoid my account being deactivated or something I figured I would send out a brief update. Jen and I have been frantically working on the finishing touches of our apartment. We made much progress over this past three-day weekend (Victoria Day, for all you non-Canadians) and we’re as excited as EVER about our home.

We purchased a small herb garden and even a raspberry bush, and we got our fancy library set up and our guest room just about finished.

We’ll hopefully get some pictures up soon.

In other news Beauregard is still misbehaving, but certainly has enough good points to make it worth the trouble.

We will be heading back to Ohio in a few weeks for my younger sister’s high school graduation.

That’s all for now. If anyone is interested in understanding a bit more about why we have relocated to Montreal, I ran across this great little post this morning.

Scroll down for the English version.

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Haitian Delights in Villeray

We’re back! We are officially completely moved in, though we are still rearranging and settling in. Finally, we found a new tenant for our old apartment, and our lease is officially transferred (yay!). Also, Jon and I are both now on Twitter! My username is jen_in_montreal and Jon’s is jknodell. Feel free to follow us!

Yesterday, Jon and I tried Ange & Ricky, one of two Haitian restaurants (and small markets) nearby. We have already tried Marché Meli Melo, which is a Haitian grocery store with a carry out and a few tables in the back. The food is great, and Jon and I have quickly become fans. We figured it was time to try out Ange & Ricky, and it was amazing!

After walking in the door, we were greeted by Ange, who apologized for her English (once we informed her that our French is nonexistent), and offered us samples of the food. We ordered two trios: the goat and the vegetable with beef. Each came with rice and beans, two fried plantains, and salad. We stopped the minute we felt full, and managed to save half of each assiette (platter) for lunch. Thus we both had delicious lunches two days in a row!

(photo thanks to Midnight Poutine)

Goat with rice, fried plantains, and salad; photo courtesy of Midnight Poutine

inside Ange & Ricky; photo courtesy of Midnight Poutine

inside Ange & Ricky; photo courtesy of Midnight Poutine

Click below for the rest of the entry, photos, and location information for both Marché Meli Melo and Ange & Ricky.

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A Salvadoran birthday feast at Las Palmas

Jon took me to an amazing Salvardoran restaurant in Villeray for my birthday yesterday. It may have been more casual than a traditional birthday dinner, but it was a perfect choice. I have wanted to go to Latin America, South America, or Africa to do (non-religious) missionary or relief work since high school, and El Salvador was the country I had originally planned on going. In short, Jon’s choice of a Salvadoran restaurant was just perfect.

The decor was very homey, the service quick and friendly, and the food delicious. I ordered for us in Spanish, which was very exciting for me, since I rarely get a chance to practice. We ordered off of the Salvadoran specialties menu, and ordered two tamales con pollo (chicken tamales), an order of fried yucca with steak and salad, and an order of platanos con frijoles y crema (fried plantains with beans and sour cream).

Fried yucca with steak

Fried yucca with steak

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Montreal Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2008


1. Framed embroidered wall art,

2. Sterling silver hand-cut tree necklace,

3. 14k rose gold band with inlaid opals,

4. Sterling silver origami crane necklace,

5. Felt necklace, green leaves with flowers,

6. A Song for Spring art photo pendant,

7. Spice kit (large French spice kit shown),

8. Noodle ring (sterling silver),

9. Normanville Red coat,

10. Wood earrings (linear circular black walnut shown),

A few fun things I found browsing Montreal Etsy sellers. I thought a Bonjour, Montreal! holiday gift guide was in order, since the holiday season is upon us. This is not a wish list, just a few things that I thought were beautiful from Montreal-based artists. Click here to see more Etsy sellers based in Montreal.

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What we’re eating…

Last night Jen and I tried out a recipe I found for coffee and banana scones.  They turned out pretty good but the recipe could use some tweaking.  I’ll post the recipe once it’s perfected.  Sorry this is a short post.

More to come soon…

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Mythical food of Byblos

Jon and I had the most amazing breakfast at Byblos this past weekend, which I’ve been dying to try since I read some amazing reviews of it from (review here) and MadeinMtl (review and photos here).

Meal at Byblos

Petit Déjuneur #3 at Byblos

It is a Middle Eastern (Moyen Orient in French) restaurant with amazing brunch. Above is a picture of our breakfast, though Jon’s oriental omelet (not a typical North American omelet) is not pictured. On the plate in the top left, the darker orange-tinted jelly is a ginger-pineapple jelly, one of the many homemade jams and jellies that Byblos serves. The lighter brown contents of the other bowl is halvas (a sweet pistachio mixture with sugar and honey, and I’m not sure what else). The ginger-pineapple jelly came with Jon’s meal, and the sweet breads pictured in the top right were for us to share. The halvas was included with my meal, petit déjuneur #3, which can be seen on the plate in the bottom. This included fresh feta (a milder version than Jon and I were used to, but so creamy and delicious), fresh herbs, nuts including walnuts and pistachios. The server suggested combining the ingredients into a sandwich with the bread, so I used the flatbread to do just that. It was AMAZING.

Check out Byblos for yourself, it’s located at:

1499, Laurier Est * Montréal (Québec) H2J 1H8
Tél.: (514) 523-9396

How to get there: Laurier métro. Bus 27. Papineau. Bus 45

Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 9am-11pm. Breakfast served until 2pm.

small photo of the restaurant, from

small photo of the restaurant, from

Click the link below to read more about our wonderful meal, and see more photos…

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