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Coming Soon…

Hello everyone. (Everyone meaning, the two or three people that run across this blog…plus our beloved family)

As Jen and I start making plans toward our ultimate goals, we’re taking an initial step with a new form of online expression for us.

Starting hopefully sometime soon, maybe, we hope…perhaps in the not too distant future, we will be launching a new blog!!

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No age limit for bar-hopping in Montreal

Ladies of Fulford residence go out for a drink.

Jon sent me this article, and I couldn’t resist posting it, particularly since I’ve been meaning to post for forever it seems. I’m constantly being inspired to write entries, but it’s the writing them and posting them part that seems to be the trouble.

Anyway, Jon and I are looking into options to have a subscription list so that our regular readers can be notified when new entries are posted, so you don’t have to constantly keep checking back. We’ll let you know the developments as they happen.

So, without further ado, I’ll let the Montreal Gazette tell the rest of the story; it’s definitely a must-read.

More to come.

Side note: I’m working on writing quicker, more concise entries instead of the mammoth epic entries I like to write–because I think it will help me post more often if I make it less of a daunting and time-consuming undertaking. That’s all for now!

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Jazz Fest and festivals galore!

Apologies all! I thought this was posted mid-July, but it wasn’t. Here it is now, without further ado!

Summer is festival season in Montreal, as many of you many know, and so we’ve been trying to hit as many as we can. I mentioned a couple entries ago that Jon’s sister, Ashley, fresh from high school graduation, has come to stay with us for a few months. She’ll be taking classes in Ohio for a couple years before transferring up here to get a degree in photography. While she’s here, Jon has set her up internships with photographers so she can get her feet wet while learning the city.

Yesterday, she watched the set-up of the International Jazz Festival while shadowing a photographer from the Montréal Gazette. It’s huge (the largest jazz festival in the world),  attended by 2 million people each year according to Wikipedia. I also learned from the Wikipedia entry that there are more than 500 concerts typically offered, with 350 of those outside and free to the public. The festival started June 30 and ends July 12.

The festival opened with the legendary Stevie Wonder on June 30, which we definitely had to check out. He was actually one of the outdoor, free-to-the-public concerts. Can you believe it?

Stevie Wonder... picture from the Montreal International Jazz Festival website.

Stevie Wonder (photo thanks to the Montreal Jazz Fest website, linked here.)

The concert was packed by the time we got there, so we ended up on a spill-over stage with a giant screen showing the concert. It was awesome, even if we had to watch on a screen. We left mid-way through after it started to rain, but still enjoyed the show. He made a beautiful tribute to Michael Jackson, and even played a few Michael Jackson songs.

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Over React Much?

Hold on tight - We're in for a bumpy ride [Métro Mont-Royal]

Just to show everyone that Montreal isn’t QUITE the land of rainbows and butterflies that we sometimes portray it as…I read this disturbing article on one of my favorite Montreal blogs “Spacing Montreal”.

A 38-year old law student and mother of two was briefly arrested (read, handcuffed) and fined for not using the handrail on an escalator in the Metro.

Wow.  That’s all I can say.

To the uber-strict officer’s credit, it turns out it IS technically illegal to not use the handrail, which seems like another strange matter all it’s own.  But really…?  I guess from now on I’m never going to walk around with my shoe untied, since I certainly can’t afford a 500 dollar fine!

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Montrealers for Obama


Yesterday was a big day not just for residents of the United States or ex-pats from the States, it was a big day for everyone all over the world. This blog is not a political blog, and Jonathan and I aren’t planning to use this as a platform for our political views, but this is an event that had to be documented.


When President Obama was elected back in November, there were “Welcome Back, America!” parties all over Canada (including Montreal) and all over the world. There’s no surprise, then, that all over the world, people would want to celebrate the Inaguration of President Barack Obama.


Check out the links below for reactions to the new President of the United States, from Montrealers and Canadians…

Obama Inauguration Party by Pop Montreal

Today in Montreal: Inauguration Day Feats (Suggested Itineraries)

Montrealers Watch Obama from Near and Far (CBC News)

Montrealers Wave to Obama on the Web and in Person (CBC News)

Canadians Celebrating as Obama Takes Power (CTV)

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Montreal Christmas Parade 2008


The other day, Jen and I were awoken to the droning repetition of Rockin’ Robin outside our window on Sainte-Catherine.  It was the Christmas parade setting up, literally 10 feet away.  So we got up and headed down to the festivities.

The evil source of Rockin’ Robin is pictured above. Continue reading

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Exploring the Urban Landscape


Many of you may already know my (and Jon’s) love of abandoned buildings and interest in urban exploration (also known as poking around abandoned buildings and sites). Our actual experience in urban exploration is extremely limited, as in we’ve never actually explored an abandoned building, but I have come close. In that case, I was unprepared and with someone who couldn’t climb up into the building entrance due to a knee injury. It didn’t seem smart to me to enter an abandoned building without doing any preparation beforehand, without any knowledge of the building, its owners or lack thereof, and its possible occupants. In addition, I wasn’t ready to jump into exploring my first abandoned building by myself, even if there was a friend waiting for me in the car.

All that background information aside, Jon found this amazing site that he directed me to, Urban Exploration Montreal or UEM for short, which chronicles the adventures of a group of urban explorers as they investigate various abandoned sites around the city. I used to follow the website Forgotten Ohio, since around 2002 (I think), so I was incredibly excited to hear that there was a similar website for Montreal. Maybe this time I’ll get the nerve up (and convince Jon) to get a plan together and go exploring!

He also found this event, an art exhibit centered around the art that has developed at an abandoned site known as Turcot Yards. This site was also covered by UEM here, and UEM is actually where I got the photos posted in this entry (distressed by me, though–yay for Photoshop!).


The event is tomorrow, and Jonathan and I will be there! Check out the details below, or go to the site here. All the following information is copied and pasted from that website.

5 / 12 – Exposition High Roads / Gran’routes

Artworks by ARPi and Henry Buszard examine the Turcot yards, North America’s largest vacant urban space, and the demise of the elevated highway system.

Une exploration visuelle, à travers des oeuvres de ARPi et Henry Buszard, de la cessastion du système de toute élevée et de l’espace en dessous de l’échageur Turcot, la plus grande espace inocupée en Amérique du Nord.

WHEN: Opening party Friday December 5th at 19h30. Exhibit Dec 5 – 31.
WHERE: Espace Les Neuf Soeurs 1900 Wellington in Pointe-Saint Charles;
COST: free/gratuit

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