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Coming Soon…

Hello everyone. (Everyone meaning, the two or three people that run across this blog…plus our beloved family)

As Jen and I start making plans toward our ultimate goals, we’re taking an initial step with a new form of online expression for us.

Starting hopefully sometime soon, maybe, we hope…perhaps in the not too distant future, we will be launching a new blog!!

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LABoratoire Créatif

Since there was a long hiatus in our posts, I’m going to try to catch up on what we’ve missed. First, we went to a Marché du LABoratoire Créatif, a fashion sale featuring designers from Quebec at Ailes de la Mode, held by LABoratoire Créatif. Check out their website for a listing of designers, future fashion shows, events, clothing and products to buy, and more. The sale was awesome, though not nearly as big of an event as we were expecting. Without knowing what to expect, though, we definitely enjoyed it and I’ve become a fan of LAB Créatif. At least several of the designers featured were actually at the show, and I did end up buying a really cute dress/tunic. The designers featured included:

Meg Couture | Cluc Couture | Ève Gravel | Grob | Judy Design | Lilidom | Station 8 | Ysol | Annie 50 | J’bouj | NKI | Mir Handbags | Mode Cherry Bobin | Valérie Dumaine | Véronique Miljkovitch | KSL | Atelier B | WillBe Design | Dita & Bella | Extenso 14 + | Ruelle | Oöm Ethikwear | Atelier Héricher | Ressac

All of the above are links to each designer or company’s website, so check them out! Click “more” for a sneak-peak of the designs.

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Beauregard the Boston Terrier

Beauregard and Jen

Beauregard and Jen

Meet Beauregard, our new Boston Terrier. He is 7 months old and filled with energy and kisses. It seems that now we see Bostons everywhere, but it’s probably just one of those things.

Jon and I started looking at different dog breeds not too long after we lost Zorro, just to ease the emptiness. We decided that a Boston Terrier would be a perfect fit, so we started looking. Since Bostons have a signature black-and-white coat, making them look like they are wearing tuxedos, the breed earned the nickname, “The American Gentleman”.

Thinking that a gentleman (or gentlewoman) deserved a distinguished name, and that an alliteration with the letter “B” for “Boston” would be appropriate, Jon and I put on our thinking caps and started to think of names. I picked Bernadette for a girl, and Jon picked Beauregard for a boy dog. (More than one person since then have mentioned being thankful the dog was a boy, fearing for a poor little girl dog named Bernie. But that’s beside the point)

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Salvation in the Underground City

This is a delayed post, and my apologies for the lull in entries around the holidays! Jon and I returned to Ohio to spend the holidays with each of our families, and had a wonderful time catching up with everyone, cooking and baking and candlestick-making (okay, maybe not the candlestick-making part), and then gorging ourselves on all those homemade holiday goodies. We hope you had a wonderful holiday, too!

I’m sure we’ll return to the topic of the Underground City again in this blog, but I thought I’d write a quick entry about how we were saved by this wonderful feature of Montreal when it came to our holiday shopping this year.

So here’s the story: While we were definitely not alone, Jon and I both procrastinated this year on buying presents (though I have been looking for gifts since early fall, so I’m baffled how it ended up so last minute). Surprise, surprise, it gets down to the wire and we are at the point where we have to get the rest of the presents or we will be experiencing a serious shortage in Christmas gifts for various members of the family.

The morning of our “last chance” shopping day, Montreal looked like this:


We tromped through the foot or so of snow and grabbed breakfast at a little café nearby, where we quickly realized that heading downtown via St. Catherine was not an option, and resolved to trudge to the metro so that we could finish up what was left of our holiday shopping inside the cozy warmth of the Underground City.

Eaton Center

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Winter Wonderland


Today, Jen and I headed out into the frozen tundra of Montreal to do some sight-seeing and stop by a local indie craft fair, which I’m sure Jen will post about later. Click here for some great pictures that we captured along the way.

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From Trash to Treasure!


During Canada’s Thanksgiving, Jen and I took a trip down into the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont.  During a stop in this amazing town of White River Junction, we stumbled upon this fun furniture and antique/thrift shop.  We emerged a while later with a handful of stuff for about 10 dollars including this rickety chair which was two dollars.

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Montreal Handmade Holiday Gift Guide 2008


1. Framed embroidered wall art,

2. Sterling silver hand-cut tree necklace,

3. 14k rose gold band with inlaid opals,

4. Sterling silver origami crane necklace,

5. Felt necklace, green leaves with flowers,

6. A Song for Spring art photo pendant,

7. Spice kit (large French spice kit shown),

8. Noodle ring (sterling silver),

9. Normanville Red coat,

10. Wood earrings (linear circular black walnut shown),

A few fun things I found browsing Montreal Etsy sellers. I thought a Bonjour, Montreal! holiday gift guide was in order, since the holiday season is upon us. This is not a wish list, just a few things that I thought were beautiful from Montreal-based artists. Click here to see more Etsy sellers based in Montreal.

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