Oh Canada

So we apologize, yet again, for falling off the wagon with the blog. Jon’s sister, Ashley, who just graduated high school, has been staying with us for the past few weeks and will be with us a few more weeks. She’s checking out schools in the area and is interning at a few photography studios, as she plans to move to Montreal to study photography. She’ll begin classes this fall back in Ohio, but wants to transfer in a couple years.

In other news, Beau is badly behaved as ever and we’re trying desperately to get him into obedience school. Between not getting calls returned and other complications, we think he will be able to start soon. Thank heavens!

Quebec flag, Canada flag, Montreal flag

Quebec flag, Canada flag, Montreal flag

And, last but not least, it is Canada Day again (tomorrow), and then the 4th of July a few days later. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Since many of our readers are American, and since I’ve heard jokes about how Canadians don’t know the national anthem (possibly the same way some American’s don’t), I’ve decided to post the lyrics. Here goes:

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Thanks to Canadian Heritage for the lyrics, and to Flickr user P M M for the flag photo, taken in Old Montreal.

Tomorrow, which is officially Canada Day, we’ll be taking Ashley to the Canada Day parade that we loved so much last year. We blogged about it, so check the archives for pictures.

One more note, for Pam, Mom, Dad, and all the family members who have requested–we have not forgotten to post pictures of our apartment. We’ve been working on a few final details, but do promise to get pictures up soon. We’ll try to get at least a few posted this week, and more to come.

Thanks for your patience, and stay posted!



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Over React Much?

Hold on tight - We're in for a bumpy ride [Métro Mont-Royal]


Just to show everyone that Montreal isn’t QUITE the land of rainbows and butterflies that we sometimes portray it as…I read this disturbing article on one of my favorite Montreal blogs “Spacing Montreal”.

A 38-year old law student and mother of two was briefly arrested (read, handcuffed) and fined for not using the handrail on an escalator in the Metro.

Wow.  That’s all I can say.

To the uber-strict officer’s credit, it turns out it IS technically illegal to not use the handrail, which seems like another strange matter all it’s own.  But really…?  I guess from now on I’m never going to walk around with my shoe untied, since I certainly can’t afford a 500 dollar fine!

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Wow, it’s been YEARS it seems since I’ve posted anything, so in order to avoid my account being deactivated or something I figured I would send out a brief update. Jen and I have been frantically working on the finishing touches of our apartment. We made much progress over this past three-day weekend (Victoria Day, for all you non-Canadians) and we’re as excited as EVER about our home.

We purchased a small herb garden and even a raspberry bush, and we got our fancy library set up and our guest room just about finished.

We’ll hopefully get some pictures up soon.

In other news Beauregard is still misbehaving, but certainly has enough good points to make it worth the trouble.

We will be heading back to Ohio in a few weeks for my younger sister’s high school graduation.

That’s all for now. If anyone is interested in understanding a bit more about why we have relocated to Montreal, I ran across this great little post this morning.


Scroll down for the English version.

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Beauregard the Boston Terrier

Beauregard and Jen

Beauregard and Jen

Meet Beauregard, our new Boston Terrier. He is 7 months old and filled with energy and kisses. It seems that now we see Bostons everywhere, but it’s probably just one of those things.

Jon and I started looking at different dog breeds not too long after we lost Zorro, just to ease the emptiness. We decided that a Boston Terrier would be a perfect fit, so we started looking. Since Bostons have a signature black-and-white coat, making them look like they are wearing tuxedos, the breed earned the nickname, “The American Gentleman”.

Thinking that a gentleman (or gentlewoman) deserved a distinguished name, and that an alliteration with the letter “B” for “Boston” would be appropriate, Jon and I put on our thinking caps and started to think of names. I picked Bernadette for a girl, and Jon picked Beauregard for a boy dog. (More than one person since then have mentioned being thankful the dog was a boy, fearing for a poor little girl dog named Bernie. But that’s beside the point)

More after the jump…

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Jon and I are so sorry for yet again another break in entries, but we are back and ready to post!

It has been crazy and eventful, to say the least, since our last entry. Our beloved dog, Zorro, died on March 24 from heart disease. Zorro was a part of our family and we miss him terribly, but we truly appreciate all the kind words and sentiments we have received from friends and family.



We both wanted to post in the blog about him, but haven’t gotten around to actually posting an entry until now. Even beyond the grief of losing the little guy, this past month has been a whirlwind of navigating through the process of renewing our work permits (more on that later), handling taxes for both countries, a week-long business trip for Jon, and various other craziness.

More to come very soon.


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Haitian Delights in Villeray

We’re back! We are officially completely moved in, though we are still rearranging and settling in. Finally, we found a new tenant for our old apartment, and our lease is officially transferred (yay!). Also, Jon and I are both now on Twitter! My username is jen_in_montreal and Jon’s is jknodell. Feel free to follow us!

Yesterday, Jon and I tried Ange & Ricky, one of two Haitian restaurants (and small markets) nearby. We have already tried Marché Meli Melo, which is a Haitian grocery store with a carry out and a few tables in the back. The food is great, and Jon and I have quickly become fans. We figured it was time to try out Ange & Ricky, and it was amazing!

After walking in the door, we were greeted by Ange, who apologized for her English (once we informed her that our French is nonexistent), and offered us samples of the food. We ordered two trios: the goat and the vegetable with beef. Each came with rice and beans, two fried plantains, and salad. We stopped the minute we felt full, and managed to save half of each assiette (platter) for lunch. Thus we both had delicious lunches two days in a row!

(photo thanks to Midnight Poutine)

Goat with rice, fried plantains, and salad; photo courtesy of Midnight Poutine

inside Ange & Ricky; photo courtesy of Midnight Poutine

inside Ange & Ricky; photo courtesy of Midnight Poutine

Click below for the rest of the entry, photos, and location information for both Marché Meli Melo and Ange & Ricky.

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Catching Up


Okay, sorry everyone for the lapse in action here at the blog.  Our schedules have been pretty crazy since Christmas.  We promise some updates soon as news develops.  The biggest news to date is the acquisition of a new apartment!

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