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St. Michael and St. Anthony of Mile End

St. Michael & St. Anthony's exterior

Exterior of St. Michael & St. Anthony church in Mile End. Photo credit: photohp on Flickr (links to photo credits at the bottom of entry)

We’re back! I’ve got a bunch of blog entries floating in my mind (and pictures for them floating–so to speak–in the memory card of my cell phone), so expect more entries soon! We apologize for the delay in entries again, but I really want to get back on track with posting. Thanks to everyone who still stops by to see us!

We are getting ready to move again, so I thought I’d do a post about something in Mile End, where we’re moving. We’re very sad to leave our amazing apartment in Villeray, and our amazing landlord, Thomas, who is, without a doubt, the best landlord in Montreal, and possibly the world. Anyway, we needed to downsize so that we can save more money for me to go back to school to study fashion design. We found a great little apartment in Mile End, which we’re very excited about. The location is amazing, especially since we had our hearts set on Mile End.

We spend a lot of time in Mile End, and I’m sure we’ll have more posts about the neighborhood in the future. This past weekend, we finally ventured inside the amazing Byzantine style church, St. Michel and St. Anthony (originally St. Michael, but nearby St. Anthony parish merged with it in 1964). Since its construction in 1914, it’s been a Mile End architectural treasure and landmark.

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No age limit for bar-hopping in Montreal

Ladies of Fulford residence go out for a drink.

Jon sent me this article, and I couldn’t resist posting it, particularly since I’ve been meaning to post for forever it seems. I’m constantly being inspired to write entries, but it’s the writing them and posting them part that seems to be the trouble.

Anyway, Jon and I are looking into options to have a subscription list so that our regular readers can be notified when new entries are posted, so you don’t have to constantly keep checking back. We’ll let you know the developments as they happen.

So, without further ado, I’ll let the Montreal Gazette tell the rest of the story; it’s definitely a must-read.

More to come.

Side note: I’m working on writing quicker, more concise entries instead of the mammoth epic entries I like to write–because I think it will help me post more often if I make it less of a daunting and time-consuming undertaking. That’s all for now!

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